MRI Study

We are recruiting purebred dogs who are actively involved in real-world skills like herding, hunting, guarding, and retrieving. We are also recruiting dogs who come from working lines but are not actively engaged in these behaviors, dogs from conformation lines of working breeds, and companion dogs from working breeds. To see if your dog qualifies for the study, please fill out this pre-registration form.

Scheduling: During the pandemic, scanning appointments are limited. We are currently collecting scans on Wednesday mornings and early afternoons, but additional appointments may become available in the future. This will be a multi-year study and scheduling will be ongoing.

Study information: Scans are supervised by a board-certified veterinary neurologist, Dr. Lauren Duffee. In order to participate, your dog must not have metal anywhere in or on its body, must be generally healthy, and must have had a vet exam with bloodwork within the 3 months prior to the exam. Additionally, Dr. Duffee will confer with you dog’s attending vet prior to the exam and will perform an additional exam on the day of the scan. We are scanning dogs aged 1-7 years, but older dogs may also be included on a case-by-case basis.

COVID safety procedures: During the COVID pandemic, all Harvard visitors must wear a mask at all times and are asked to maintain social distancing.

Coming to the lab: Our dog MRI scans take place on the Harvard campus in Cambridge, MA. The address of the parking garage is 52 Oxford St., Cambridge, MA, 02138. Your parking pass will be pre-purchased for you and a study team member will walk you from the garage to our lab. The scan visit will take approximately 4 hours. We have a private waiting room with comfortable seating, a TV, and wifi where you can relax during your dog’s scan. There is also a cafe in the building.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’re excited to hear from you and your dog!