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In-person research is temporarily suspended for public health reasons. But you can still participate online!

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Answer some surveys

These surveys will help us understand how your dog responds to normal daily situations. They take about 1 hour to complete.

Provide biological samples

We are collecting saliva and and hair samples. This will not hurt your dog and only takes a minute. We can collect them during a visit to a public place like a park, or when you visit our lab.

Participate in fun behavior tests

These tests replicate daily situations like meeting a new person, being left alone, encountering new objects, and interacting with humans. The tests take place at Harvard University or the University of Georgia at Athens, and they take about an hour. You will be able to watch your dog on a live video feed. Parking is provided. For legal purposes, dogs must meet these criteria to participate. (Behavior testing at Harvard is temporarily suspended for public health reasons.)


We are collecting MRI scans from purebred, non-geriatric dogs ages who are actively engaged in breed-specific skills like herding, hunting, and retrieving. We are also recruiting littermate "duds" — for example, the couch-potato brother of a champion herder. Scans occur at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at UGA or at Harvard University, and are supervised by a board-certified veterinary neurologist or anesthesiologist. Parking is provided. (Neuroimaging at Harvard is temporarily suspended for public health reasons.)

Ready to participate?

You can complete the surveys online now! You can also contact us to learn more, to schedule behavior testing, or to see if your dog qualifies for the MRI study.

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